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Nate Diaz Had A Wild Night In New Orleans That Ended With Him Choking Out A Logan Paul Lookalike In The Street

Nate Diaz had himself a night last night, huh?!

First, he almost gets into a scuffle with reality star turned "boxer" Chase Demoor at a fight....

Nate's got unreal aim with water bottles at this point. I mean, he should - it's his signature move and he's put in his 10,000 hours of practice - but I'm still impressed at that headshot. 

From the above angle, I watched Nate duck and run away pretty quickly and was shocked, because Nate usually won't do that until he lands AT LEAST a slap or two, but the below footage shows he was just ducking a potential WWE level chairshot....

Fair enough. 

I don't know what Chase was saying to provoke Nate whipping that water bottle off his face at 1000mph in the first place, but I'm sure he deserved it. I watched this guy compete on 'The Perfect Match' on Netflix (yeah I have a girlfriend, nbd) and he was one of the douchiest reality TV personalities I've ever seen. 

I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on possibly getting the "bad edit" so many TV villains complain about nowadays, but this is how his fight went earlier in the night….

Chase was instantly DQ'd for landing repeated ground-and-pound shots on an unconscious opponent, the corners got into a scrap immediately, and this asshole pulled the CORNIEST MOVE OF ALL TIME by doing the Israel Adesanya/Alex Pereira bow-and-arrow celebration afterwards….

Bro is really just playing dress up as his favorite fighters. Embarrassing. 

Speaking of embarrassing, he then cried his eyes out in the ring….

….and tweeted, "What will they say now?" when he got back to the locker room.

Uhhh, we'll say you don't know the rules of boxing and probably shouldn't fight anymore. We'll also say there's a lotta empty seats in that second photo. 

Anyway, flash forward a few hours, he's in the crowd talkin some bullshit, and Nate Diaz decides he's heard enough. BINK'd him with a water bottle, and got outta there laughing and flipping the bird - classic Diaz brother shit. I thought the whole thing was hilarious and went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, however, the first thing I saw on my timeline was the Nate Diaz Army straight up scrapping with Chase Demoor in the streets of New Orleans….

….and Nate Diaz choking out a Logan Paul lookin MF and dropping his body in the street like Jones dropped Machida at UFC 140….

Honestly, I think you could accuse everything prior to this of being a work to get eyes on "Misfit Boxing" or whatever, but Nate coulda actually killed this guy here, so I'd say this is pretty damn real. 

Look at the back of this guy's head after he woke up from that Diaz-induced slumber….

Pretty fucking crazy. I'm sure more videos are gonna come out throughout the day, as well, considering all the cameras in that shot.

Right now the one thing that I'm most curious about is how this brawl actually started. Did the Diaz Army see Chase walking down the street and just jump him? Did they mutually get into it? Agree to meet somewhere? Why'd the Logan Paul guy get involved? Who dafuq is that guy anyway?! Hopefully all of these questions will be answered in the next few hours.

Nate Diaz is an all time fuck around and find out guy, though - a true anytime, anyplace, anywhere fighter. My advice to all of these wannabe fighter influencers would be to not fuck with him, because even if you could beat him in a boxing match - he will slap you around and choke you out in the streets. 

Conor McGregor loved this, too….

Imagine if those guys were friends and went out together for a night? They might catch a couple murder charges as an army of two.

We got a Dana White reaction video already as well, and he seemed a little less entertained….

Dana knows what to expect outta Nate on a night out - he ain't surprised by this. He's probably more concerned about that next hand!