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'Extraction 2' Will have A FOURTEEN-MINUTE LONG, Single-Take Action Scene

During the interview, the Russos were kind enough to confirm one important piece of information that has been circling around for a while now. At this point, we know that Extraction 2 will go bigger and more ambitious than the first one, but how exactly? The wildly different setting is one element: this time, the movie will this time take place in a colder and darker environment. The sibling directors confirmed that one particular scene that will help keep the movie thrilling is a 14-minute continuous take. While the finished product may not clock in at exactly fourteen minutes, Joe Russo did confirm, "I haven't got out the stopwatch, but that seems pretty accurate." The specifics of the oner are still being kept under wraps, but Joe alluded to the fact that it "may" involve a helicopter.

After barely surviving his grievous wounds from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back, and his team is ready to take on their next mission. Tasked with extracting a family at the mercy of a Georgian gangster, Tyler infiltrates one of the world's deadliest prisons to save them

I give this about as big a HELLLLLLLL YEA BROTHER as possible. The first Extraction movie was an extremely under-appreciated gem in my opinion. Simple enough plot, john wick level gunplay and hand-to-hand fights and an awesome, super-physical performance from Chris Hemsworth. A lot of this has to do with the movies director, Sam Hargraves. Like Chad Stahelski and David Leitch(creators/directors of John Wick), Hargrave built his bones as a stunt double for some of your favorite action characters. We actually interviewed him over Covid (122 mark) and he had some great insight on what makes those new action movies so good. 

Anyway, Hargrave did an incredible long-take action sequence that i linked at the top of this blog. The making-of is almost as cool as the actual scene itself. 

I'm really pumped to see what he has cooking for this follow up. Especially knowing that this long take has a helicopter involved….