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The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale Rapid Reaction

Okay, so this isn't really a rapid reaction considering the episode dropped more than 72 hours ago. But in this crazy streaming world we live in where everyone is on different schedules, I figured I could get away with the title since it was how I used to title my Star Wars reaction blogs with random quick hitter thoughts, I couldn't think of anything else, and pretty much all Mando fans watched the episode by the weekend. That seems fair right? Right. Happy we agree, which doesn’t happen often amongst Star Wars fans.

Anyway, let's get to the takes!

- First things first, I thought the Season 3 finale had good moments but also left me wanting more. The action scenes were out of this world...Get it? Since we are in a galaxy far, far away?

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Sorry about that. Anyway, some of the story just felt rushed or glossed over in the interest of time, such as Moff Gideon's entire clone reveal being broken down like a cartoon supervillain monologuing his master plan.

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- Speaking of the cultural appropriating and destroying devil, I am #DONE with Moff Gideon. I always liked him because he was a character with a sweet name being played by an awesome actor. But in terms of actual actions, all this guy has done is get train run on him by the good guys. He is essentially the Mando version of Captain Phasma, whose only real skills appeared to be catching L's. 

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I hope we never see Moff Gideon again because him and his super easy to kill clones all burnt to a crisp like Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

Too soon? Yeah, probably too soon.

- While we are saying our goodbyes, RIP my dog IG-12, who I guess is now technically Sheriff IG-11a. It may not have been the safest way to transport a precious little creature we all love, but damn was it entertaining hearing the little guy say Yes and No.

That being said, I will still hammer the shit out of this soundboard every day to my family's dismay while also setting aside the $79.99 necessary to buy the IG-12 toy that will no doubt be a best seller this Christmas.

Also, Babu Frick dropping a hard MF last week isn't getting discussed NEARLY enough.

As well as Baby Yo kiiiiiiinda maybe saying his first word?

- Hand up, Robbie, myself, and roughly 90% of Star Wars fans were dead wrong about The Armorer being one of the spies last episode simply because it was titled The Spies. She has been an awesome character on the show since Day 1, has been the leader of the show's catchphrase This Is The Way, and all things considered may be the biggest badass of all for using essentially Amish tools in a galaxy where people have lasers.

- In the same vein, Bo Katan firing up the Darksaber to lead her crew was a Top 3 moment of the season, in my humble and also very correct opinion.

The Darksaber being able to be crushed by Moff Gideon's robot powered suit was a tough look for all Mandalorians considering they are known for their impenetrable Beskar. LTurns on Stephen A. Smith voice: Whoever made the Darksaber should be ASHAMED of themselves (I realize there is probably a very logical explanation to all this and Star Wars supernerds are furious at me right now for not knowing it. But if I say something in the Stephen A. Smith voice, it's just me trying to get a take off without any care for actual facts, just like Stephen A. Smith).

- Adopting on Mandalore seems like the easiest thing in the universe, including Sonny adopting Julian in Big Daddy by posing as his friend on a phone without any form of ID. I love Big Daddy by the way and have it in Tier 2 of my Sandler movies with The Wedding Singer, with only Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore above it.

- I will only be calling Mando's son Baby Yoda or Din Baby Yoda because this little dude is wayyyy too cute for that G name. 

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Sorry if this offends.

- We can all agree that Mando adopting Baby Yo and settling in the burbs felt like a pseudo ending for their story? Like I'm sure we are going to have episodes where Mando goes back to Season 1 Mando where he fucks up people for credits that will loosely connect to other stuff during the season. But I feel like the adventure that started in episode 1 is pretty much over outside of hunting imperial scum.

As for the entire season, I give it 3.2 Balls. It had ups, it had downs, it had a celebrity cameo episode that I will never understand as well as an Andor vibe episode that I feel like will pay off in a different Star Wars series. It was my least favorite Mando season but also light years ahead of every other Star Wars Disney+ show, which admittedly isn't saying a ton. Nonetheless, I had a hell of a lot of fun watching Season 3 and breaking it down weekly with Robbie on My Mom's Basement.

For anyone that wants to watch/listen to our full breakdown of the finale as well as Season 3, check out the video and podcast below. This is the way.