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The Viral Sucker Punch Wrestler Has Officially Been Cited For Assault

Earlier this month at Oak Park High School outside Chicago a wrestler sucker punched another after losing his match. The opponent was left stunned with a busted nose, his parents announced they'd be pressing charges, and video of the incident went mega viral. 

As of yesterday the teen who threw the punch has been cited with assault. I'm no expert, but I DO have Google and did a little searching around on Illinois juvenile courts (so yeah, I guess I am an expert now) & if I had to guess this will result in a period of probation and/or conditional discharge where he's got to take anger classes or something. Both kids are only 14 years old and I feel terrible for the kid it happened to, and also hopeful that the kid who threw the punch learns from this, takes his punishment and moves in a positive direction. 

As for the actual, real world consequence of an assault citation, good news of the victim, terrible news for WhiteSoxDave.