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Tyrese Maxey Is A Certified Freak

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

The world works in mysterious ways. In 2020 a pandemic broke out that brought the entire world to a halt. Because of that, the 2020 NCAA men's national basketball tournament was cancelled. Because that tournament was cancelled, 20 other GMs around the NBA were dumb enough to pass up on Tyrese Maxey at the draft coming out of Kentucky. They didn't get a chance to see him play in the tournament, and somehow this beautiful angel fell right into the lap of the Philadelphia 76ers with the 21st pick. Some dude named Aleksej Pokuševski was taken before him in the draft. It's insane. 

But everything in life happens for a reason. And that reason was for Tyrese Maxey to close out game 3 of the Sixers first round series against Brooklyn like that absolute freak that he is. 

10 straight points to chip away at Brooklyn's lead, tie the game, and then give the Sixers the lead. 25 points on the night. This guy is just the absolute best. 

This was a game of chaos. It had devolved into complete and total anarchy by the end. But the only thing keeping this game on the rails was the fact that Tyrese Maxey was inevitable. James Harden out of the game because all of a sudden the NBA is anti-cup checks? No worries at all. Tyrese Maxey can do this shit himself, but he'll also take a little help from his friends. 

That's the most valuable player on the planet right there. 1 more to go. Play the song.