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Malcolm Brogdon Becomes Just The 3rd Celtic All Time To Win The NBA's 6th Man Of The Year

Brian Fluharty. Getty Images.


In the history of the Boston Celtics, there are been three instances of a player winning 6MOY. 

1983-84: Kevin McHale

1984-85: Kevin McHale

1985-86: Bill Walton

In all three of those seasons, the Celtics made the NBA Finals. In two, they won the whole thing. 

We now officially add Malcolm Brogdon to this list in what has been about as good a season as we all could have hoped for when we first learned about the trade. Brad went to Brogdon, got him to buy into his role of coming off the bench for the first time in years, and the rest was history. Not once at any point in the year did we ever hear him complain. When someone went down and another player was inserted into the starting lineup, there was never an ounce of drama. If Brogdon wasn't on the floor to close a game, it was whatever. As long as the team wins is all that has mattered. Part of what has made the Celtics so good this year is the complete buy-in from everyone on the roster, most notably Brogdon. He's probably the guy who has sacrificed the most given what he had been doing in prior seasons, and it all has been in the name of winning. It's been so fun to watch

Sometimes I watch hiim play and I really can't believe he's a Celtic. We're quickly approaching a situation with Brad where opposing GMs aren't going to want to trade with him anymore. Then you remember Brogdon is signed through 2025 and things get even better. 

There may have been some media hype around Immanuel Quickley, and he did have one hell of a year for the Knicks, but considering Brogdon for 60 of the 100 1st place votes, in the end the voters knew the right choice to make.

Being among the best scorers off the bench, basically leading the NBA in 3P shooting, it's hard to argue Brogdon wasn't deserving. It wasn't his fault the team had a role for him on the team which he embraced. He could have spot started, but Joe has a plan. The best version of this team is Brogdon being that 6th man off the bench and burying opposing second units. 

Remember, this isn't the first major award Brogdon has won this season

Now we turn the page to Jaylen and Jayson's All NBA cases as well as Derrick White's All NBA Defensive team selection. Let's hope things go as well as the 6MOY race.

But then? Then it's time to focus and win the whole goddamn thing.

Love and Trust.