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The Perfect Solution To Limit The Amount Of Boos That Roger Goodell Gets At The NFL Draft Is To Bring The Mahomes Family Out On The Stage With Him

On today's Pardon My Take... PETER SCHRAGER! The Good Morning Football co-host and FOX Sports writer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to preview all angles of this week's NFL Draft, which includes the event's first ever stop to Kansas City.

The most consistent tradition that takes place during the NFL Draft each year are the boos that Commissioner Roger Goodell receives when he takes the stage...

But this year, our guys have a plan to get some of the attention away from booing Commissioner Goodell, and it includes bringing out a big time name in Kansas City. Take a look...

Mr. Commenter: There are so many well-loved celebrities there, what he should do, he should take the one guy that they'll probably boo and bring him out and then he'll be like, "Oh, they're booing this…" He should go out on the stage with Jackson Mahomes and have Jackson Mahomes record a live Tik Tok on stage right in front of Goodell and then he'll be like, "They're booing this guy, not me."

Peter Schrager: It's perfect, it's perfect. "Take it away, Jackson." And he goes, and he does it, I would love it, it would be great.

Mr. Commenter: And for the record, we're Jackson Mahomes fans.

Peter Schrager: So am I.

Mr. Cat: Huge Jackson Mahomes fans. 

Mr. Commenter: We think he's hilarious.

Peter Schrager: I met him at the AFC Championship Game last year, I was on the field before the game, I got the credential, I'm acting like a big shot, and there he is. I shot my shot, I went up to him and said, "Yo, bro, good to meet you." He's like, "Thanks, man." It was cool, it was great, I loved him. So now, I mean, everyone wants to knock him, I think that's such low-hanging fruit. Can you imagine being Jackson Mahomes? That's a tough life, man.

Mr. Cat: Well, it's also a very funny thing because Patrick Mahomes is like what everyone should aspire to be in terms of the most loyal family member. He's ride or die with his family, why are we criticizing that?

Peter Schrager: I kind of dig that.

Mr. Cat: I'll add one more, because I was thinking Jackson Mahomes as well. What if we had Jackson come out and Brittany, and Brittany had a champagne bottle, and in the bottle was cash. So, she just sprays the crowd with cash. Everyone gets some cash. 

Peter Schrager: Perfect. I still think in Kansas City, though, I think they like Jackson, I think they like Brittany, so I don't even know if you would get those boos that way. I feel like they're fan-favorites.

Mr. Cat: No, we'll get cheers, we'll get cheers.

Commissioner Goodell, I know that you and our company have a bumpy past, but this strategy would definitely help you. Give it a shot!

Stay tuned to Pardon My Take all week long for more NFL Draft coverage…