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Hearing How Coach Calipari Is Recruiting Hunter Dickinson Is One Of The Coolest Things You'll Listen To All Day

On the Roundball Podcast Hunter Dickinson gave us all the insight on how his recruiting is going. Coach Calipari flew to Ann Arbor had a two hour conversation with Hunter at the private airport and left. It is crazy how much power Cal has. Hunter was on the phone with a coach prior to the conversation with Cal and he explained to the other coach what he was about to do and he just said "fuck." A lot of coaches will stop recruiting when they hear Cal is involved. Everyone is also like this is how you recruit it isn't crazy but when you hear it first hand and how it actually goes down its fucking really cool so lets relax. 

With this conversation I would take it as Oscar will not be coming back because there is no way that they would have both of them on the court. This has to be the most anyone has cared where a player is going because even I am getting so many DMs and texts asking for information, which has to be causing reporters to lose their minds that I am the one with the information. 

Hunter also dropped on the podcast that he will be visiting Kansas today, Kentucky on Monday and then Villanova on Friday. He hinted at there could be two more schools that he could be interested in and I think I should be a package deal just like in the Blind Side. They can promise me a walk on spot for my 5th year or I can at least be a coach when I want to be. If you want any updates on where he might going or how it is to be in the transfer portal go listen to the Roundball Podcast.