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If You Can Nap, You Are Probably An Idiot

I am very jealous of people who can nap. I truly envy the people who are stupid enough to completely turns their brains off and take a nap like a total moron. Me? I can't do it. Brain is too big. Too active. Too high functioning. I can't just shut it off at will. There's too much going on. I think that if you're able to nap it means there's not a lot going on in your head and you likely don't have a very high IQ. It's similar to people that are able to clear their little brains and meditate. This mind can't be cleared. 

That video above also got posted on the main Barstool Instagram and there were 12,000 comments. Which is always a good sign that people totally agree with your take. (A segment that is titled Barstool's Wirst Take for the record). I also posted it on TikTok where the reaction was similar. Here are some of the highlights. 

There seemed to be an underlying sentiment that me not being able to nap meant I simply don't work hard enough? How ridiculous. I work at Barstool Sports as an internet personality. Maybe the hardest job in the world. A lot of you wouldn't last a day in my shoes working 5 to 6 hour days on only 9 hours of sleep. Talking into a microphone or camera and having to give my opinions on things. It's some of the hardest labor in the world. 

So please just take a minute to think how hard it would be to walk a mile in my shoes before you come at me for being too smart to nap. 

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