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Elephants Commit Highway Robbery

I have talked about how elephants can be absolute assholes. Just because they are smart and intelligent does not mean they automatically have to be nice. These Thai elephants are committing highway robbery, stopping sugar trucks to get a quick taste. I gotta give them credit, nobody is going to try to fight an elephant over some sugar. 

But for reference, even that pales in comparison to what their African cousins are up to. 

It is a well-reported phenomenon in the Hindustan Times

The video opens to show an elephant standing at the side of the road. Within moments, a truck carrying sugarcane approaches the gentle giant, it then moves forward and trumpets to stop the vehicle. As the car stops, the elephant takes a few pieces of sugarcane from the truck and continues eating. The animal keeps repeating the same thing with other trucks carrying sugarcane. It is amazing to watch how the gentle giant waits patiently for the trucks to come and never, even once, tries disrupting the traffic for other cars.

If I had a trained elephant in the Tristate area, I would use it to traverse NYC traffic because a lot of them have legs long enough to step right over taxis. I may be embellishing but an Elephant could be well utilized in robbing armored trucks with the right attitude and armor. I need an elephant guy.