Utah Middle School In Trouble For Holding a Pep Rally That Featured a Students vs Teachers "Licking Game"

Gym Teacher: "Alright guys, I've been told that a Students vs Teachers dodgeball game would be 'too dangerous', so I've come up with a different activity that I think will be just as fun"

Principal: "That's fantastic, what have you come up with."

Gym Teacher: "So I have these paper thin sheets of clear plastic and a whole tub of marshmallow fluff."

Principal: "Great start."

Gym Teacher: "What were going to do is smear marshmallow fluff on both sides of the thin plastic. The students will be on one side. The teachers will have the other. Then we have a lick race."

Principal: "A lick race?"

Gym Teacher: "Correct. The first team to lick their side clean wins."

Principal: "That sounds great. But will the students and teachers be licking directly opposite of each other so that their tongues are only separated by the extremely thin piece of plastic? Will we be able to feel the tongues of our students with our own tongues?"

Gym Teacher: "Yes, exactly. But the tongue is softest part of the human body, so nobody will get hurt."

Principal: "Perfect."

There's so many ways you can go about ruining your career as an educator. Organizing an game where you lick the tongues of your students is one of those ways. 

I would love to see a breakdown of the chain of events that led up to this game being played. The game was Teachers vs Students, and it was played at a pep rally. Ask any high school cheerleader or student council member, pep rallies take planning. A pep rally is the brain child of an entire school. Teachers and students put their heads together (in this case literally) to come up with the best possible way to motivate their basketball team to a victory over their cross town rivals. After meticulous planning, this Utah middle school settled on a Teachers vs Students Lick-Off.

At what point do you think they realized they fucked up? I imagine the principal watching the whole thing unfold. Everybody seems to be laughing at first. But then the laughs turn to screams. All of the sudden, EVERY student is filming, and you hear a girl yell, "WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!". I think that was probably when it clicked.


You just can't be licking your students nowadays. Not in this economy.