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Todd McShay Says The Bears Aren't Necessarily Done Trading Back

Give me ALL of the trades. I am addicted to trades. I have been going on the pff mock draft simulator almost as much as I am doing tankathon these days and I trade back every chance I get. Basically half of the 53 man roster is going to be made up of rookies from the 2023 draft class in my head. I have turned into Big Cat and maybe Ryan Poles has too

Here is the thing that is so nice about this upcoming draft now that the Bears have crushed it in free agency and gotten a HAUL for the #1 overall pick....I don't really even care who Poles takes in the first round. Skoronski, Johnson, Witherspoon, Kancey, maybe an edge guy...doesn't matter. This is a roster construction year. A building year. The Bears just need to find a guy who can start at a position where they are a little light. It's an important draft, but it doesn't feel like the fate of the franchise is going to be determined by who they select. They have their QB. They have some weapons. The defense is coming together. It's probably the most calm any fan base has ever been after finishing with the NFL's worst record. Ryan Poles is doing. a job. It's great to see. On draft night we can just sit back, crack a Miller Lite, and pencil in a guy who will be a starter. A complimentary piece of a team heading in the right direction. Great place to be one week out. Never been in this place before.