NEWS: The Oakland A's Just Formally Purchased 49 Acres Of Las Vegas Real Estate

It finally happened. John Fisher has completed his 20 year takedown of the Oakland Athletics. That miserable, disgusting, tired piece of shit. I can say that. Oakland A's fans are passionate lunatics and he never wanted to be there. Never wanted really wanted to be there. That actually makes me sick. 

He bought the A's for less than $200M shortly after Moneyball came out. He got most of his money from Mom & Dad. They started THE GAP which is a perfectly shitty clothing company and symbolic of the A's futility. You might get a couple decent wears out of it but there's no way that shit holds up over 162. 

Same thing with this A's club. There's some moments, but overall it's just an embarrassing collection, regardless of the season. 

This is our Spring 2021 look

**Loses 100 games

Sad stuff in Oakland. I really feel bad for those fans. 

There's something about showing up to a shitty baseball game knowing your team is gonna get smoked. Capacity hovers around 5,000. You can sit anywhere you want but you still choose your designated seat because you're a law abiding citizen and this is America. There are rules. 

You can hear the hot dog guy from 14 sections over. Interspersed is the sound of the catcher's glove popping. Your ex girlfriend is starving but still has a hard time admitting that. I can eat she says. 

It's a decent day, all things considered. And now Oakland has been robbed of that luxury so John Fisher can have better access to more upscale trim. 

Meanwhile, the A's are on pace to lose 130 games this year. I just watched the Cubs boat race them by 30. The run differential is like -90 and it's not even 3 full weeks into the season. That's a -400 run differential. That's AVERAGING a 2.5 run loss every single time you take the field. 

They suck so bad I can't even call out some of these players. They're too obscure. None of it would hit. 

Kevin Smith is the worst player in baseball

He is though. And this is trash news for Oakland A's fans that grew up with their tremendous culture. An absolute dynasty in the 70's. A wagon in the late 80's and early 90's. They pulled it together again in the early 00's and then John Fisher ran it right into the fuckin ground. One of the most famous sports stories ever told and they still can't put more than a couple thousand in the stadium for an entire weekend. 

It will be cool to see them in Vegas, it will bother many forever. 

On the subject of Vegas. Does anyone really want to go to a baseball game there? Am I the only one that wants to hang out at the pool instead?