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Fellas, Does Every Male Interaction With Another Male Come With The Threat Of Violence, Even With Friends And Family?

There you have it, folks. 

Honestly I have no idea who any of these people are, but it popped up on my timeline and my reaction to this prompt was:

I'm not exactly sure where the initial Tweeter, Britt, heard this (and not shitting on her putting it out there 'cause she's just asking, too, and it's doing numbies), but the line, "Every male interaction with another male comes with the threat of violence," sounds like it had to have originated on one of the countless YouTube accounts hawking that '10X alpha-male lifestyle' (so they can sell insecure dudes protein powders with names like El Chapo Cock Blast 3000) where the hosts just spout things off that sound intense & badass for hours without actually saying anything of substance at all

You have to be ready. You have to be a sheepdog, not a sheep. Because every single interaction you have with another man has the potential for violence, and violence means the potential to dominate & move up the ladder of manhood. And if you keep moving up that ladder, and working out with El Chapo Cock Blast 3000, you'll be a billionaire in fantastic shape in less than a year. -Guy LeDouche

Buddy, I'm ready to run through a brick wall and beat up my Grandpa the second he tries looking me in the eyes. I want that billion, bad.

Anyways here's some other responses to the initial Tweet that's at nearly 10M views:

^ Known ass-kicker, Dilbert guy!

What do you guys think? Every time you interact with another fella are you sizing him up somewhere deep down? Is there always a potential for things to escalate to violence and that's in the back of your mind? Dads, are you getting nervous as your sons age? Whatever the case, just know that if you get into a keyboard beef with another guy in the comments on this one you have to meet in public to fistfight each other and send me the footage for a follow-up blog. Thanks in advance.