Don't Rap And Drive Or Else You'll Crash Your Car

Everyone knew the kids in high school who thought they were rappers, or could "freestyle." You would see them "spitting bars" in the hallway or uploading their mixtapes on Myspace. Maybe one or two actually got to an event in front of people and performed, when I say people I mean 10-20 people they begged to come. It seemed to be a phase at least where I grew up, it does however seem to have faded in the last couple of years. 

Nonetheless, this video is hysterical. Kid thinks he's about to get a deal from Interscope when this goes viral and doesn't realize he's got a lady in a Chevy Malibu (fantastic car btw) he's about to barrel into. Such a dope. Yet, you are lying if you haven't been a stupid kid driving and ended up in a fender bender. You gotta both laugh and feel for this kid at the same time. Poor kid just wants a new hit single and ended up driving his parents insurance through the roof. 

Goes without saying ... eyes on the roads kids. 

Shoutout Benny Fazio for putting the tweet on the radar ... enjoy a Martina on me, it's like a Martini but it's from Albania.