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The NBA Has Decided To Not Suspend Draymond Green For Stomping On Domantas Sabonis

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Hey Adam Silver

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I mean I'd say I'm surprised the league went this route, but then again how could anyone possibly be surprised that Adam Silver and the NBA is deciding to look the other way when it comes to Draymond Green's antics? If you're wondering why Draymond keeps acting this way on the court, it's because he knows the league won't do shit about it, and with every additional instance we get that is somehow an "accident" that the league lets go on unpunished, the more and more Draymond is going to feel empowered to do it. As I said this morning, there's a reason Draymond thinks like this:

and this recent decision by the league office only confirms it. There are clearly different sets of rules for Draymond compared to everyone else which is kind of crazy given his history. If this was the first or second time something like that play has happened with Draymond, fine. Look the other way and just ask him to send you a check. But we're on example 234827345 of Draymond doing stuff like this.

It begs the question if the Warriors were tied 1-1, would their ruling be different? But given that they are already down 0-2, if they suspend Draymond and the Warriors fall to 0-3, that's it. That's a wrap for their season. That's not me being dramatic, that's NBA history talking. Teams that are 3-0 are 147-0 all time, including 50-0 in the first round. Hey, maybe the Kings go into the Warriors building and win anyway, but as we know the Warriors are completely different at home, and Draymond is a big part of their success. To me, this feels more like the league is protecting the series and making an exception for the defending champs, which certainly plays into the whole WWE angle even more. 

There's a part of me that likes the idea of all these playoff teams having their best players available. That's what makes the playoffs fun. But there's also a part of me that would like to see guys held accountable for stomping/kicking/punching opposing players when you clearly did not have to do that. 

I can already see it now. There's going to be another dust up situation involving Draymond, just like there was in each of the first two games of this series. Maybe someone gets hurt. Maybe someone gets ejected. And the NBA will only have themselves to blame because, for whatever reason, they are scared to hold Draymond accountable for what he does on the floor.