Insane Zoom of a CEO Telling Employees They Won't Get Bonuses While She Kept Her $4 Million Bonus

I mean it's one thing that a company is taking a hit in an economic downturn and everyone's eating slim. If there's not much to eat and everyone is going to bed hungry, I would take a "ra ra, don’t feel bad for yourself, push through it" speech like this. The thing is this woman cut employee bonuses while taking at least a $1million cash bonus from my research.


... while getting more compensation in stock options, stock etc. 

Look, the thing is, the company MillerKnoll has 11k employees, and if you just took her cash salary and divided it would be around $100 dollars each, which is a pretty bad bonus. But if they could have allocated the bonus money to he highest performing employees of the company or something. I am no CEO, but I highly believe this would both please shareholders and retain your employee's trust and motivation. Now you might get a bunch of employees looking for new jobs, or at least the good ones who would get headhunted. 

This company MillerKnoll looks like its high-end furniture and office decor for super nice offices. I expect the whole work-from-home thing has put a damper on their business and some companies don't even have an office anymore. 

The greatest thing that may have come out of this Zoom work landscape is that CEOs can be publicly shamed because now all their decries are public. I hope the public shame doesn't take this CEO to a long-term rental in "Pity City" and she can just be a visitor like shes telling her employees.