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Draymond And Sabonis Both Getting X-Rays And Blaming Each Other For Injuries Is Trolling And Shithousery This Series Needed

Had to take a quick break from something to write about this here. I love this move from both sides. It's so goddamn stupid that Draymond is trying to spin this any other way besides he stomped the everliving shit out of Sabonis: 

But now we've reached the point I was hoping for. Kings/Warriors is awesome. Just uptempo, dudes flying all over the place making plays and now some true hatred. We've had E-40 kicked out of Game 1. We have Vlade and Brad Miller sitting in the stands. Shout out the early 2000s Kings who got absolutely fucked against the Lakers. 

And now we have Sabonis vs Draymond. Fox vs Steph was never going to turn violent or trolling. Both are just fucking awesome. Monk has a little bit of asshole to him to maybe mix it up with Klay but that'd just be good vibes all over the place. Draymond vs Sabonis is what we needed. Add some juice to this. 

I don't want to, but I almost respect Draymond's commitment to the bit. Fake an injury, blame Sabonis for getting stomped on. Next up - if there's another game in Sacramento stop wearing fucking black jerseys during a white out. You're at home. Wear the white jerseys so you match your fans.