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There Was A Full Blown Royal Rumble At A Car Dealership Between Salesmen

Nothing like a quick little brouhaha to get the blood moving on a Monday! 

To be honest, I am actually kinda shocked I've never seen a car salesmen brawl considering I imagine it's a high pressure job based around commission hat has you competing with your coworkers and dealing with customers that absolutely haaaaaaaaate the entire dealership experience since they feel they are being hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok, and flat out deceived. You would think that fights like this full of button downs and leather shoes would appear weekly on Barstool Sports instead of the typical numbskulls brawling at a sporting event or airport. 

However this fight was absolutely perfect for what it was. You had some dude throwing a chair to kick things off, people breaking into factions throwing hands with their rival like the fight in Anchorman, and (my favorite) the dude straight up screaming that people were going to jail over a little kerfuffle at work. 


An absolute tour de force of content in a very short time over what I imagine was some commission from a Camry sale during Toyotathon and hopefully the first of many car dealership fights that are covered on this here website since I feel like we are well overdue for a video of a customer fighting a salesman after they try to bump up his rate a few percentage points in that back sales room that STILL uses those old ass printers with the perforated edges in the year 2023 of our Lord.

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