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Even If You Have No Interest In The NHL Playoffs, Getting To Watch Frankie Borrelli Lose His Marbles Will Keep You Interested This Postseason

Growing up my dad would often make a comment when something was going to take forever that it was "as long as a hockey season". A clever little comment to point out that Hockey (much like the NBA) does run from October - June which is a wildly long season. He was never a fan, so growing up I never played and didn't understand the finer points of the game,  nor did I really care to watch hockey until very late in life. I was 21 when I attended my first hockey game in person, and I have said it doesn't translate well to television. What I mean by that is in the arena you really pick up just how fast these guys move, just how hard the hits are, and how fast the puck moves. I think of all the sports, being at hockey in person is the biggest difference of all sports. It's like night and day. 

I'll be honest, I don't go out of my way to watch much of the regular season but playoff hockey is a different animal. Every game seems to be life or death to the fans, everyone is on edge the entire game, and best of all it seems like every game goes to overtime. It's very compelling. With that said ... 

My favorite reality show on television the internet returns tonight , and it's not Succession, it's not Love Is Blind , it's not watching Breaking Bad for the first time and being shocked at all the twists ... it's Frankie Borrelli watching Islanders playoff games. Every NHL fan base has passionate fans like Frankie but not every fan base has a fan who works "at a Chuck E Cheese for the clinically insane" as Francis Ellis once wrote, with access to live streams, reactions etc. Frankie gets the eyeballs because he works here so unless you are literally asleep you can't scroll your timeline without seeing the joy or the heartbreak. I mean look at some of these clips. 

There are probably 60,000 more of these. It's a mad man or mad men on camera experiencing the highest highs or the lowest lows of fandom with thousands of people watching. I can't take my eyes off it, and I barely watch hockey. In fact, I mute the actual game and turn the volume up full blast on the stream. It's can't miss stuff. His poor dad catching the wrath of Frankie is maybe my favorite underrated moments. Mr.Borrelli is the nicest man alive and will make a comment like "Ok back to within reach" just trying to be positive and Frankie will lash out that within reach isn't good enough for the NY ISLANDERS !!! at the top of his lungs. It's high level lunacy. I am the most casual of NHL fans, and I cannot wait for the NHL Playoffs to start because I get to watch Frankie's antics. If you have no horse in the race tune into Frankie's twitter to find the clips and reactions of him losing his shit watching the Islanders these playoffs, it's worth it.