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Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Be A Witch Who Can See Dead People (Same)

Vanessa Hudgens isn't afraid of ghosts. That much is clear, even without watching Dead Hot, which takes her and her best friend, musician GG Magree, from an amateur ghost hunt in California to Salem, Massachusetts, to delve into the world of spiritualism, witchcraft, and self-discovery. It's a far cry from the squeaky-clean image of High School Musical's Gabriella Montez and the musical theater-adjacent repertoire she's built with Tick, Tick … Boom! and Grease: Live, which clearly illustrates the undercurrent of the documentary (available to stream on Tubi on Apr. 14): Hudgens is genuinely interested in the supernatural. 

I'm so on board with this I can't even explain it. Our girl Baby V has proven herself as someone who will give you their unfiltered opinion even when it's "unpopular" or "out of the box" (we all remember her casual stance on COVID deaths, something I still laugh out loud about) and now we have her ditching the musicals and being her true self - a witch looking for ghosts.

Anything supernatural I'm inclined to love. I'm a HUGE horror movies girl, and we all know I fancy myself quite the little witch already. We have Vanessa and her bestie out here wearing cross earrings and dark eye makeup...I'm just kind of pissed they didn't give me a call?? I literally wore those same cross earrings (ironically, of course) to brunch on Saturday? We could've been lighting up a whole box of altar candles together while tracing pentagrams into the dusty/dirt floor we'd (naturally) be sitting on. Feels like a major missed opportunity. I might need to throw out a DM to let her know I am absolutely prepared for future episode cameos.