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You Are Lying If You Say You Have Never Been In Jordan Spieth's Shoes

Banks blogged the RBC and talked about the absolute NAILS on Matt Fitzpatrick had nearly hitting a holing out on the 3rd playoff hole. Watching the end of The RBC was a fun experience. It's always great when things go into a playoff and two guys are playing golf's version of heads up poker at a final table. True best man wins type shit for all the marbles. 

I just wanted to touch on a thought here regarding Jordan Spieth missing this very makable putt to win on the 1st playoff hole, and that thought is this. We have all been there. 

Now you may be saying "How can you say we have all been there ? That putt was on a PGA Event and that putt cost Spieth 1.5 MILLION dollars!!" Let me explain. 

Do I think the casual golfer hack like myself or my buddy Dennis who lines up facing all the way left because his drive has such a bend back right that it's the only way to battle it? Absolutely not. We will never be playing in a tournament, nor should we ever be allowed to, where the winner gets 3.6 million dollars. I would be a fucking asshole to say that. 

However, what I will say is that at some point we have all had a very easy putt of some significance that we botch and wish we had back. Maybe it's for a little cash in your local muni with your buddies, maybe it was to win a Scramble, maybe it was for nothing more than bragging rights to beat your dad or friend or brother for the first time ever, or maybe it was to break a certain threshold of a score like 100,or 90, or 80 or 70. That easy putt could have happened  on any hole on the course and no matter what when you fill out your scorecard at the end of 18 you know that was the 1 putt that made the difference. That coulda been 79, or that coulda got you 1 ahead instead of tied in the Scramble where you can walk away with the great prize of a cooler or a travel bag (hey a win's a win), or that coulda been the putt you look back on and go I'm glad I made that one because it's the one that helped me beat my loudmouth friend I never beat before. 

I don't think any of this will help Jordan Spieth sleep tonight (although I can think of 2.1 million reasons why he still will be fine), but maybe he gets a little comfort in knowing we've all been in that position on the golf course in some sort of fashion ... just with way less at stake then he had.