Short Hair, Pitch Clock Master Gerrit Cole Tosses a Complete Game Shutout As He Continues His 2023 Dominance

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

Short hair Gerrit Alan Cole, ace of the Yankees and pitch clock master, just tossed a magnificent, dominating complete game shutout against the Minnesota Twins. Through four starts Cole has a pristine 0.95 ERA in 28.1 IP, along with 32 strikeouts. He has also won every one of those starts. Maybe the biggest number of 'em all? Zero home runs allowed. 

I theorized before the season began that Gerrit would benefit greatly from the pitch clock. It seemed over the recent years he'd get inside his own head a little bit during crucial at bats. Even guys down at the bottom of the order would get to him as Cole would fight himself as to what pitch would work before delivering. He'd tried to be too perfect and it would end up getting it him. The clock forces him to just throw the baseball. The result? So far, the obliteration of every lineup that's stood in his way. Cole was not only untouchable today, but he was efficient as well. 


Cole's best pitch has always been the high fastball. For whatever reason in the recent past when he's struggled, he shied away from elevating. So far in 2023 he's lived up there and the results have been awesome as you see above. 

It's kinda nuts, but we've reached a point now where Cole has become underrated. So many people got on him for the spider tack shit and didn't think there was a chance he'd be able to adjust. The postseason numbers? Looked plenty good to me last year, haters just want to zero in on the Wild Card start in Boston a few years back when he was very clearly injured. That's all in the past though. Cole through four starts in 2023 has been the best pitcher in baseball. At a time when the Yankees starting rotation is in a bit of flux, along with their closer situation, Cole has righted the ship each and every time out there. It's only four starts, but it's hard to ignore how good he looks so far. Short hair Cole isn't here to fuck around. I would die for this man. 

Someone who hasn't adjusted well to the pitch clock? Mr. Manoah up in Toronto. 


I joked before the year that Manaoh's weight combined with the clock wouldn't work well together. Toronto fans lost their minds, but they're currently very quiet. Lined up to face each other in The Bronx next Saturday? Gerrit Cole and Alek Manoah. 

P.S. We might need a Mintzy vs. Cole fast banana challenge