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The Biggest Unanswered Questions Ahead Of The Love Is Blind Season 4 LIVE Reunion On Sunday Night


We've got a LIVE reunion Sunday night with the cast of Love is Blind Season 4. The wedding day was nuts with THREE couples tying the knot. Here are my top unanswered questions going into the season finale.

6) Has Bliss' Dad and Kwame's Mom come around and embraced their Zack and Chelsea?

Kwame's mom was never shown, but over the phone did not approve of her son marrying someone outside of Ghana's culture and also getting married so quickly. Bliss' dad had a fairly level headed approach in my mind of just saying they were making a mistake getting hitched so quickly. He did however show up to the wedding. But interested to see how these relationships have evolved.

5) What is Marshall up to now?

Despite getting his heart broken by Jackie, Marshall still showed up to the Netflix wedding day. He just seems like the best dude. I hope he's doing well now. In the long run, he avoided a major bullet with Jackie who's got more baggage than an airport carousel. 

4) Did Jackie have to give the ring back?

When Jackie broke up with Marshall, she refused to give the ring back. Apparently Netflix pays for the rings, so it's not a ton of sweat off of Marshall's back, but did Jackie later have to give the ring back? If she kept it, did she pawn it? If not, what's her plans for it?

3) Are all the married couples still together?

I would think Chelsea and Kwame are the biggest flight risk just because he didn't seem very happy on the wedding day despite saying yes. Bliss and Zack would be the only other risk, but I think they'll be fine. Tiffany and Brett are forever.

2) How do Paul and Chelsea feel about the Micah/Kwame flirting after vacation?

This will be interesting as Chelsea kind of chewed out Kwame before for flirting with Micah on vacation, but it happened again post-vacation and Kwame didn't appear to hold back asking Micah if she was still happy with her decision. Would love to know Chelsea's thoughts after seeing that, but also Paul. Did that affect his decision at all?

1) Are Micah and Paul really done?

I didn't think these two would actually tie the knot as they couldn't even agree on the state to live in, but the fact that Paul seemed to end it after the wedding was very surprising. Him saying he couldn't see himself marrying Micah in 5 years or 10 years makes cutting it off the logical move, but why? What spurned this? They seemed to be on at least an upward trajectory, even if they weren't ready for marriage.

And finally, not really a question, but I do want to hear from Shelby.