Cody Bellinger Received A Standing Ovation Before His First At Bat Back In LA, But Then Got An Automatic Strike Called On Him For a Time Violation

Come on Cody, we know it's your first time back in LA since leaving for Chicago, we know you want to soak in the standing ovation....but this umpire is ITCHING to get out of here. Foaming at the mouth watching the people stand up and clap for a guy who won an MVP and a World Series. He didn't care, he just wanted to start this bad boy with a 0-1 count. You're not getting a standing O on this ump's watch.

Maybe it was a ploy by the Dodgers crowd, they knew Cody would expect a standing O, so if they gave him a long one they'd get him called for a strike. Hook, line and sinker. Easy way to fool him into starting the at-bat with a pitchers count. 

I will say this isn't why the rule was put in place. Everyone is okay with these little ovations and the umpire could have read the room a little better. I don't think anyone would have complained about pace of play because he was tipping his cap. He wasn't doing the Nomar batting glove routine, he was thanking the fans. But I do re2pect a good umpire for not giving a shit about the moment and making sure everyone knew it was his game. Welcome home Cody, here's a strike.