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The Stinky Cloud Backfired And Case Race IV Turned Into A Pukefest

We taped our 4th case race on Thursday night and one of the activities was going to be a very overdue stinky cloud. We divvied up the show into teams of two and brought in Hank to sub-in for Brandon Walker who was in Mississppi. 

But he wasn't the only person who needed a sub.

Congrats Kate and The Beav!

The Case Race concluded and we were all feeling it, especially me.

But I still had to do the stinky cloud. And the guys came prepared!

And while sitting in some of the worst smells imaginable for 10 minutes wasn't a walk in the park, it effected everyone else way more than they anticipated.

So much so that nearly everybody tossed their cookies.

We are sorry to the rest of the office who may have gotten some whiffs of those diarrhea pills today.

Watch the full case race and whatever you do - do not try the stinky cloud at home!