KB's Reaction To My Pregnancy Went As Well As I Could Have Expected

Last night we recorded The Yak Case Race IV (WHICH IS LIVE NOW AND ISN'T EVEN TO THE BEST PART YET SO CLICK HERE TO GO WATCH ALONG WITH THE GANG!) and I knew there'd be no more hiding it; I'm irresponsibly pregnant again. And sure, I could have kept hiding it & faked drinking or something, but - hand up - I'm a dorky rule follower who would never, ever want to upset a major alcohol sponsor. 

Giphy Images.

In case you're wondering why it was so difficult for me to tell KB specifically, I'll direct you to my first pregnancy when I walked by the radio room & heard a loud, "EWWW, UGHHH" directed at my bloated frame:

No hard feelings, it's just really not his cup of tea, so sincerest apologies to him for my current state. 

Speaking of, my boyfriend Pat (AKA The Beave) and I are beyond excited and can't wait to meet the newest member of our fam this Fall. Becoming a parent has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, but hands down the most amazing, rewarding & joyful. Totally worth the occasional rogue poop on the rug and permanent hemorrhoids ha ha!

Anyways, as I said before, The Yak Case Race IV is LIVE now & only starting to heat up, and being able to watch them from the production booth felt like a sociologist watching some type of experiment. There's a stinky cloud, Roomba covered in extremely sharp knives, and much vomiting ahead. Tune in to kick your Friday off right!