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I'm Mesmerized By This Video Of Golfer Patrick Cantlay Taking 7 Hours To Hit His Ball


I watched this over and over again, staring at everyone in the background to try and figure out if I was being Punkd. I was looking for the man in the blue to take laps so I could confirm it was a looped video. But nope. It's as real as it gets. And I gotta say...I love it! Everyone I've seen post this today is so up in arms about it. Whitney wants him killed. As a very casual golfer myself and someone who flips on the tournaments on Sundays to watch the final round, I can't help but laugh. Golf people are the most psychotic people in the world. I'm just imagining someone like this playing a round with Riggs and ol' Riggsy boy taking his 7 iron across his back like it's a steel chair in the WWE. I was waiting for D-Von and Bubba Ray to come out of the woods and give him a 3D through a table. But instead he just took another 3 hours to hit the ball instead. Hysterical. 

So what happens now? Oh man, I'm very here for the fights over if golf needs to implement a shot clock. This is a sport that would rather see Tiger Woods collapse on the 10th fairway than allow him to use a cart to get around, so I imagine the shot clock conversation will be World War 3. Golf is just so unique. It's the only sport where someone who regularly shoots a 105 can critique a professional about their swing. I love reading replies on Twitter- it's always someone with their backswing as their profile picture who has their fraternity's letters in their bio correcting the pros with "keep your shoulders back and your knees at a 64 degree bend while flexing your writs but keeping your hips on a swivel". There's nothing better.