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Fair Or Foul? A Man Threw $200,000 Out Of His Car On A Highway To Share The Wealth With Others But His Family Said He Took The Money From A Shared Bank Account And Left Them Penniless

Vitalii Petrushenko. Getty Images.

(Source)- After a man threw thousands of dollars in cash out the window of his car on Interstate 5 Tuesday night, several random bystanders are experiencing a sudden windfall – while family members of the man said their bank accounts were totally emptied for his stunt.

According to Oregon State Police, troopers responded to Interstate 5 near milepost 192 just south of Eugene at about 7:23 p.m. on April 11 after hearing a report of money being thrown out of a vehicle. OSP said troopers on the scene identified as Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, as the person throwing the money. Troopers said they spoke with McCarthy, who allegedly told them he was doing well and wanted to share the gift of money with others. OSP, worried about the hazards associated with people running around the interstate to grab free money after dark, asked McCarthy to stop throwing the cash, and he agreed to stop. According to OSP, McCarthy told them he had dispersed about $200,000 during the incident.

Well it looks like we have ourselves a good ol' Fair Or Foul here right as baseball season takes off. Rob Manfred truly can't lose right now.

When I first saw the headline of this story, all I could think about was how good the feeling of found money is. I'm not talking about putting your hand in your pocket and running your fingers through a 20 that made it through the washer and dryer. I'm talking about stumbling upon cash that is loose in the street with nobody around to claim it. And before anybody talks about who money belongs to, let me remind you what the famous Baltimore philosopher Omar Little says on the matter.

I stumbled upon a batch of cash once in my life as I walked to my buddy's apartment to watch the Giants-Bucs Wild Card game in the 2007 playoffs. I found five $20 bills on the ground, looked around the oddly desolate Manhattan streets for someone to return it to, then spent most of it on bagels, coffees, and egg sandwiches for the fellas. The Giants would later go on to win the Super Bowl in those playoffs which included a win over the 18-0 Patriots. Is that due to my generosity with found money? That's up to the Football Gods to decide.

Nonetheless, finding money is one of the best feelings on the planet and the reason we always dream of stealing an unattended Brinks truck anytime we see one while also getting mad if we miss out on those occasional money dumps on the highway that somehow happen near Christmas.

However at the same time, I also feel for the family members since someone giving away your hard earned money for shits and giggles feels even worse as finding money feels good. However seeing this in the article gave me pause.

Oregon State Police said they later spoke with a relative of McCarthy. Troopers said the relative told them that this was normal behavior for him. However, the relative also told troopers that McCarthy had gained the money he threw on the interstate by draining his family’s shared accounts, leaving them penniless.

If you have a shared bank account with someone whose normal behavior includes withdrawing 200 grand and throwing it on the interstate for fun, that shit is on YOU. The only person I have ever shared a bank account with is my wife and I know she's good people because she willingly has sex with me (along with the whole emotional support, raising our family right, and sticking with me when I told her I wanted to blog for a company named Barstool Sports that she never heard of almost a decade ago). 

So excuse me if I am not going to feel too bad for the penniless family members that clearly forgot the phrase that is as true as it is catchy…