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Unit of the Week: Meet Pedro, The Bocce Boss of Argentina

What a roll by this absolute Unit. I've watched this Bocce highlight a hundred times and I still don't know how he does it. 

Meet Pedro! He is size, he is grace, he is The Bocce Boss of Argentina.

I've only played Bocce a few times, always at craft breweries, but I know a Bocce legend when I see one. The form is impeccable and even more impressive with his frame. The follow through jog after the ball leaves his hand is on par with Tiger's club twirl after a great drive. You just know that he knows he done it again!

Check out all of his highlights on the tiktok while you still can.

Not only can Pedro roll. He can Hit or "Spock" which is a Bocce term that I definitely knew before researching to write this blog.

Bocce is one of the great Unit sports, like darts, mini golf, and other games that requires skill, but minimal physical exertion. These are the sports that Units can compete in and as Pedro shows, dominate! 

I've reached out to Pedro via the internet and google translate. I don't know what the NIL landscape is like in Argentina, but I want to sign Pedro to a deal right away! If we can make it work, Pedro will join the long and storied list of Barstool Athletes like Compton, Trent, and Paddy. I'll fly down to Argentina if I have to. I want to see Pedro winning Bocce championships wearing the Barstool and Stars.