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Watch: Lunatic Snorkeler Gets Attacked By A Shark, Cleans Her Giant Wound, And Hops Right Back Into The Ocean Without a Care In The World

(h/t Media Drum World)


Carmen Canovas Cervello, yes, a nurse, was snorkeling in the Maldives when a 220-lb, 8-foot-long nurse shark attacked her and left a gnarly, 6-inch wound as a souvenir. Her friend, Ibrahim Shafeeg, an underwater photog, is the one who shot the footage. No excuse to miss a shot!

Another case of the crazies here on this sunny Friday afternoon. How people are still jumping into the deep ocean with no regard for human life is beyond me. I guess this kind of person's dream death happens in the ocean though. They fantasize about a shark ripping them limb from limb. They watch 'Open Water' once a month with a smile on their face. You don't get bit by a shark, clean the wound, and then jump back in for more snorkeling if your end game is survival. Only way I'm doing that is if I go back in with a spear gun that's rigged to some dynamite, but I'm also way too much of a pussy to do that. No, I get bit I'm thanking my lucky stars I'm still kicking and we're heading straight to shore, never to see the ocean ever again. 

Also, how about nurse sharks attacking a human? Feel like we're told growing up nurse sharks are the peaceful ones. Well, this guy saw an attractive woman swimming around and decided to have a taste. Can't trust anyone or anything these days. Nurse shark attacking a nurse? I bet that doesn't happen pre-vaccine. 

Shout out to Deep Blue Sea for cementing my fear of sharks forever. Jaws was the beginning but watching Susan get ripped to shreds was the final dagger. Poor Susan, she just wanted to cure Alzheimer's. 

Fun fact: They originally wanted her to survive the movie, but the test audience absolutely hated that so they opted to have her meet her demise by getting eaten alive. Gotta be up there as one of my favorite terrible movies. Gotta love the absurd shark electrocution scene. 

P.S. I looked near and far for the snorkeler's IG. No luck.