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Four-Star Recruit, First Round NFL Draft Pick And $100 Million Earner Odell Beckham Jr. Says He's Been An Underdog His Whole Life

Doubt OBJ at your own risk! He's been proving people wrong his entire life!

Real quick, I just want to run through Odell Beckham's football career from high school to now and y'all tell me at what point it was, exactly, that he was doubted. Maybe I'm missing it.

Was it 247Sports ranking him as just the 55th-best player in America in 2011? Or maybe the U.S. Army All-American Game allowing other wide receivers to play alongside OBJ that same year? Could it have been the entire two teams who selected a wide receiver ahead of Beckham in the 2014 NFL Draft? Was it that he only appeared on the cover of Madden one time? I suppose it could be the fact that after this season with the Ravens, Beckham will have only made $98 million over his nine-year career.

You know what, after looking at all the evidence, I think I may have actually been wrong about this guy. He's been doubted at every turn. Nobody ever believed he'd be here.

Keep silencing the haters, OBJ!