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The White Sox Are The Most Disappointing Team In Chicago

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I'm in a bad mood, and it's because of the White Sox. SHOCKER. They haven't won a series yet this season and look to be the exact same team right now as they were in 2022. After watching them get completely stuffed by a paltry Twins team two games in a row, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore.

These guys are fucking better baseball players than this. I know that in my heart of hearts and wouldn't say so if it weren't true. 

Fuck Jerry Reinsdorf. Fuck the manager, whomever it may be at this given time. Fuck the front office. Fuck the fans. Fuck everyone. 

These guys - namely Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Andrew Vaughn, Aaron Bummer and Michael Kopech - need to be better. They're not playing at the level they're capable of. 

And I'm sure I missed a few guys.

I wouldn't say any of this shit if I didn't sincerely, truly believe it. I really think Gio can be the same TOR pitcher he was in 2019 and 2020. I think Vaughn can be the 30 HR guy he was pegged as when he was drafted 3rd overall. I think Eloy could lead the league in bombs. I think Kopech could be another version of Dylan Cease and so on and so forth. 

We already saw what Moncada is capable of, which is an MVP-type season...

...but that was 4 fucking years ago. I just refuse to believe that was the exception to the rule. REFUSE to. 

I *actually* think all of that. Many people don't anymore. I do, and that's why I'm so disappointed in the players right now. I've bitched about the owner and front office a ton, but in the end the core guys I named haven't performed to anybody's expectations either. They aren't without fault. The talent in almost every player 1-26 is undeniable. Time for them to dig deep into their britches, look for a nut sack and be better. 

Because they are fucking better than this shit. 

These guys gotta flush away their pathetic 5-8 start and go on a goddamn tear starting tonight. Wake up, take a good look in the mirror and say, "I haven't been good enough. I need to be better. I'm going to be better starting tonight." 

If they don't, the stadium is going to look exactly like the thumbnail picture. That'll be what they deserve, too. It's 13 games into the season and I've already decided not to renew my season tickets next year because why in the FUCK would I? Hopefully they make me change my mind after growing some nuts and playing like they're capable of. Prove me wrong. Prove everyone wrong. 

Tune into this episode to watch/listen to me to go way more in depth into this. 

PS - we had the Broken Lizard guys and Jeremy Piven on this episode