Best Friend Stuff: Ryan Reynolds - Yes, Ryan Reynolds - Dropped A Surprise Song And Music Video In Honor Of Rob McElhenney

It's even on Spotify!

I know this is a joke song and everything like that but it's ... catchy. It's also completely relatable as someone who also has a name people have no idea how to pronounce. Thanks a lot, Ronald. Ruined my last name forever. It's not RAY-gen, it's REE. Trickle down bullshit like you read about. Anyways, this isn't about me. This is for anyone and everyone that has a name that's impossible for people to hit 100% on. 

I also don't know why, but the way Ryan Reynolds starts the song it reminds me of Van Wilder. Underrated movie. Great movie. Quick Van Wilder Tara Reid break

Patty Arpaia. Shutterstock Images.
Patty Arpaia. Shutterstock Images.
Patty Arpaia. Shutterstock Images.

Her coming out in that white bikini is one of the all-time smoke scenes. 

Okay back to the song. Halftime's over. Smart by Reynolds to bring in Kaitlin Olson, Jason Kelce and everyone else. That's how you really sell it. Sure you can do the whole Wrexham bit. But making it a full production and actually a decent sounding song? Well done. 

Makes me wish I had a friend like Ryan Reynolds. Not necessarily because he does things like this. Just be nice to have a rich guy like that around at all times so you can do cool shit like buy a soccer team together. This is for everyone though who has a last name that people will butcher. Today is our day.