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Laguna Beach Did A Reunion Commercial Shoot And It's Total Bullshit Because LC Wasn't There

Say it with me ... BULL SHIT ! BULL SHIT ! BULL SHIT ! 

I get this was for Kristin Cavallari 's brand Uncommon James and when that happens she gets to call the shots, but this is horseshit. Laguna Beach was an iconic show in the mid 2000's and there was a divide between fans as you were very clear Team Kristin (indicating you were a moron) or Team LC (indicating you were dignified and cultured). Now it's worth noting that in both Laguna Beach and The Hills, LC (Lauren Conrad) was the star FIRST, then they went to Kristin. Which clearly shows who was the top dog, the star, the queen, and the reason the show got the success it did. 

Kristin was and always will be the 2nd fiddle, the 2nd banana, the 2nd choice. No ifs ands or buts about it. Anyone who says otherwise is a dope and a liar. So when you see reunions like this and they try to paint a narrative like it was Kristin's show it's not only untruthful to the fans, it's annoying. If I am going to get nostalgic feels from my friends in Laguna, let it be LC and her crew ... aka the stars, and not Kristin and the 2nd banana crew.