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Rick Fox Is Now Shitting On Spencer Dinwiddie After Catching A Ricochet Shot In Dinwiddie's Twitter Battle With Kyle Kuzma

And the ricochet shot: 

Never did I think I'd write a blog about Rick Fox, Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma but here we are. I mean, of course it checks out. Why wouldn't this be happening as we're getting ready to start the NBA playoffs? Even former players can't stop getting in the Twitter mud. But you know what? Fuck it. Rick Fox caught a ricochet shot, so he responded. I have no qualms with that. Fair game in my book. 

Remember, this is what started it all

I don't know what Rick Fox did to catch a ricochet shot. There are plenty of role players that won a title. It's the whole point of having guys who know their roles. I mean, yeah, Fox wasn't awesome. But he was a captain and played in those games. He wasn't Mark Madsen out there dancing. 

I just love that we're in a battle of guys who aren't franchise changers. Sure, there are limited numbers of them. But we're talking about a nice young player in Kuzma. A former role player in Fox and a current fringe starting point guard in Dinwiddie. Might as well throw all the punches. 

That said, Fox could have upped his shit talking. We didn't need the breakdown of defense wins championships. Just run with the enforcer thing. It's hilarious and plays even more in a Twitter battle. Please just get games on TV again. I know the whole This League thing can be funny and at times worth it. But give me more entertaining people here. So far it's Fox and Kuzma winning in a landslide.