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This Video Of Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler Reacting To The Size Of An Australian Reporter Is The Most Delightful Thing You Will See Today


I feel like we are in the middle of a wave of great vibes in life. The weather is getting warmer, baseball seems more fun than ever, and the playoffs are about to begin for the NBA and NHL. So why not a video that will make you smile until your cheeks hurt to top things off?

Five quick thoughts from this video:

1. I love how this Australian reporter just would willingly crouch down despite it likely crippling his giant bones. There is not a more delightful group of people on the planet than Aussies. If I didn't have kids or did have even a shred of equity in Barstool before our wonderful new overlords $PENN bought us, I would book a trip to Australia tomororw.

2. The look on Jennifer Aniston's face when this bloke stood up was as authentic as it gets.

I can't blame her however because I heard "Wellllllll, it's the Big Show" play in my head as that big motherlover poked his head into the clouds.

3. Adam Sandler truly is the best. He knew this reporter was going to feel uncomfortable with all the attention on him since he usually spends his days chasing Jack down a beanstalk. So what did Sandler do? Immediately go into deflection mode like he did when Ernie peed his pants in Billy Madison (the finest of all the Adam Sandler films in my humble opinion).

Me watching The Sandman do the right thing once again:

4. Veronica Vaughn is the most perfect movie character ever.

5. I had no damn clue if this video was new or old when I saw it because I didn't know Aniston and Sandler had a new movie together. But I saw this other delightful video on this person's TikTok, which led me to think there must be a new movie starring two of America's sweethearts.

Anyway, Murder Mystery 2 is available now wherever you stream Netflix. I swear this blog isn't an ad. But if you do a good enough job promoting a movie by making two blogworthy interview moments, I feel inclined to scratch your back.

For the record, I'll also accept any free flights and/or hotels to Australia because my "vacation" to Disney with my kids was anything but a vacation. Maybe I'll even sneak an ad in here for Barstool if the flight is first class and the hotel is five star. Portnoy will be none of the wiser. Something for all you Aussies to think about (when you wake up in the next hour or so).