Best Of 2023 - Dave Ramsey Was Trending For A Clip Where A Woman Explains How She And Her Husband Have $1 MILLION In Debt At 29 Years Old

I took a personal finance class in high school that was mostly just Dave Ramsey videos and he scared me out of ever getting a credit card. I will be debit gang or bust until the day I die, haters be damned. I wish this woman and her husband had been similarly scared straight to avoid this jaw-dropping amount of debt.

I was wondering what in the world Dave Ramsey could have done yesterday to be trending on Twitter and it turns out it was just thousands of people saying how flabbergasted they were at this couple's financial situation. They are the real-world equivalent of the famous candle budget tweet:

And the fact these people work for the government was too perfect. Obviously this situation sucks for them and I hope they find a way out of it at some point, but you can't not laugh your ass off when you hear this woman rattle off the dozen forms of debt she and her husband have and then she says they both work for the government. Of course they do.

My guy Dave does this for a living and even he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Next time you're feeling bad about your financial situation, just think about this couple and it should cheer you right up.