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Relatable: Joel Dahmen Shoots A -5 Today At RBC Heritage, Just Worried About Getting His Kid To Nap This Afternoon

I'm a middle-aged father of two, which means I watch and play a lot of golf. While it's not relatable to shoot a -5, this sentence right here hits as close to home as possible. You're playing that Saturday or Sunday morning round as the weather is gorgeous out. You're with your pals, maybe trying to plan a pool day later in the afternoon or a cookout. Anything to keep the good times rolling. 

Then you remember. You gotta get these kids down to take a nap. It sets everything up for the rest of the day. If they don't nap, good luck. If they nap you gotta hope it's the right amount of sleep. Can't have them sleep past a certain time and ruin the afternoon. Can't have them wake up early and then gotta rush around as you tried to plan shit out. 

Now imagine you're playing for over $3 million - the payout for the winner of RBC Heritage. You can't be worried about the kid's nap. You gotta delegate that. Feel like fair is fair here. Let Joel Dahmen take a nap if he wants. Let him drink some beers like he showed up in Full Swing. 

I don't know what's the better accomplishment. The -5 or getting the kid down flawlessly. I truly mean that. I'd kill someone to shoot a 5 under one day. But man you nail getting a kid down for a nap on the first try with no hiccups you feel like a king. Best of luck, Joel.