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White Sox Dave Is The Most Masculine Man At Barstool

On today's episode of THE BRACKET we had Klemmer on to debate the MOST MASCULINE THINGS. During our conversation, we began debating who our most masculine co-worker is. Our consensus answer? White Sox Dave.


Here is the reasoning: 

This man does not care. Not caring is one of the most masculine things someone can do. All those "masculine" personalities like Bilzerian, Andrew Tate etc. care and they care a LOT. About their appearance, their reputation and about people thinking that they are beacons of masculinity. That is NOT masculine. Guess what white sox dave thinks if you don't like him? Trick question, he doesn't think about you at all. 

White sox dave only cares about sports, music and women. It doesn't get much more masculine than that. 

You can watch the full ep below.