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The Jungle Is Alive And Well In The AHL With This Fight Of The Year

Now that right there, my friends, is a hockey fight. 

Two warriors just teeing off on each other, landing a vicious flurry of heat seeking missiles directly to their opponent's skull.  And obviously the slow-mo coming from that camera angle is a beautiful piece of cinematography. It's a work of art. But let's watch that tilt at full speed with the additional commentary, because holy shit it was electric. 

The voice might not be overly polished on that broadcast, but my goodness what a call for that fight. Both guys losing their helmets. Trading lefts, trading rights. These maniacs were throwing EVERYTHING they had in that one. Mark that down as things you love to see. 

Both the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames missed out on the playoffs this year. If only the boys showed half as much fight this season as these two lunatics here, maybe their season would go past April. But that's the difference between the NHL and AHL. This right here is the Always Hungry League. And as they say, hungry dogs run faster and they sure as shit fight harder. Do these guys just want it more? You're goddamn right they do.