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Zion Williamson Says He Isn't Ready To Play But Proceeds To Throw Down Huge Dunks In The Warmups Of The Do Or Die Playoff Game He Is Unavailable For

This would absolutely infuriate me if I was a Pelicans fan. I understand Zion is not mentally ready to play, but the Pelicans have a good team without Zion and have a really good team when Zion plays. Why are you doing this pre game of a playoff game because you know what the reaction is going to be? If you want everyone to respect your decision do this all privately working on your game and not when you are in a do or die game where your team really needs you. 

Listen I am a Duke and Zion guy. We should give him his time because the pelicans aren't going to win the NBA championship so you might as well give him his time and let him come back when he is fully ready. But this is why every team needs a common sense department. This goes through the common sense department and he or she would be like hey guys lets not have Zion Dunking looking 100% a day after he said he isn't ready to play. It going to upset people and if you are a die hard Pelicans fan, this would bug the shit out of me.