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Locker Room Stuff: Sadio Mane Reportedly Punched Teammate Leroy Sane In The Face After Bayern Lost 3-0 Yesterday

[Source] - Sadio Mane reportedly punched his Bayern Munich team-mate Leroy Sane in the face in the aftermath of their 3-0 loss to Manchester City in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final.

According to the German newspaper Bild, the discussion continued after the match with Mane angered by how Sane had spoken to him.

The 31-year-old reportedly punched Sane in the dressing room, leaving his team-mate with a bleeding lip, with fellow Bayern players intervening to separate the pair

What the hell is going on right now in the sports world? Guys can't stop punching teammates in any sport really. Credit to Sadio Mane here. Yes, credit to Sadio Mane. He 1) at least waited to get to the locker room to square up. No videos there. 2) He actually threw a punch. Way to avoid that soccer cliche of slapping or flopping. There was a bloody lip and everything! That's how we change the sport. 

I do need video though. I said it's smart on Mane's part, but I still need to see the punch. Need to evaluate what sort of punch he threw here. Was it a RnR title fight punch or was it two out of shape fellas in round 3? If he actually connected then everything I said stands. If it was a pillow punch and he still cut open Sane than, yeah, it's a bad look for soccer. 

I love that it all stems from how they were speaking to each other. Who hasn't been there before? Granted you don't punch people in the face typically or use things around locker room/offices as weapons. You've thought of it. You've wanted to do it. Part of me wants to blame Erling Haaland. It's unfair he's on Man City. Maybe if he didn't score the 3rd goal there wouldn't punches in the Bayern locker room .. allegedly. 

Punching teammates right now is the hottest thing in sports. Wonder who will be next.