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No One Cares About Your Video You Posted From The Concert In The 300s Section

Following the Masters last weekend and seeing everyone on TV without their phones I felt like I could be silent no longer. 

I took this take to Chaps and Kate to get their response and they agreed

One of the major issues with our society in this country is this overwhelming feeling that you absolutely have to post what you're doing on social media. If I went to a concert and didn't show everyone I was there with good seats, did it even happen? The answer is: no one really cares. Seriously, take a step back and think about that. No one cares that you went to that concert. That video you posted from the show? Yea, it doesn't translate on a cell phone and kinda just sounds like noise. Honestly, and I get that taste in music is subjective, so many concerts these days stink so you're wasting your time and money even going so why bother posting. Also, as I said in the clip, the reason I care what other people are doing is because when people in front of me have their phones out above their heads, it ruins my experience. Respect your fellow concert-goer and put your phone away. 

Last night I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert and granted, the average age of the folks in the audience definitely skewed older, but I really didn't see many phones out. Sure, people took some pictures (to include my crew and I) but people weren't watching the show through their phones. The crew of folks I go to concerts with actually abides by the unwritten rule that you don't post videos for fear of being casted as not appreciating what you're experiencing. 

Maybe because anyone who has ever seen Springsteen live can tell you it is a religious experience, but it was refreshing to see people being present. When the music is good, and I mean really good, you shouldn't even reach for your phone because you're too enthralled to even consider disrupting that euphoria. At one point last night I even found myself being moved to tears but I don't think that happens if I am watching the band play The Rising through the prism of my 6 inch screen. 

Next concert you go to, just leave your phone in your pocket. I promise you'll enjoy it better.