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Ana de Armas Says She's Been Ghosted By Guys Before And There's Just No Shot In Hell That's True

[Source] - Ana, meanwhile, admitted she had ghosted people and had also been on the receiving end of the treatment.

"I have, and I have," said the 34-year old.

The interviewer suggested that it was their loss, but Ana laughed saying: "I haven't always looked like this."

I don't mean to overreact or call Ana de Armas a liar, but she's lying here. Sure she may not have always looked like this: 

But we're talking about Ana de Armas here! Do you know how dumb you'd have to be to ghost Ana de Armas? I refuse to believe there's a world where me and Ana de Armas have something in common. I know, shocking, I've been ghosted in a past life. There's just no shot that Ana can say the same as me. We're barely the same species. 

Guys are dumb. I feel confident in saying that. We enjoy stupid shit. We can make anything a competition. We're not smart. We're a very simple species. All that said, there's still no one dumb enough to ghost Ana de Armas. I know she's promoting her new movie Ghosted but it's still the truth. She moved to Spain when she was 18 and LA when she was 26. She dated Ben Affleck. There's no idiot - you can fill in an answer here of dumb guys - that would ghost her. Even Affleck isn't doing that! 

So, yeah, I guess I am calling Ana de Armas a liar. But we have to draw a line somewhere.