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Taylor Swift Was Only Spotted in NYC Because She Wanted Us to See Her

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Taylor wants us to know she's fine. She wants us to know that even though she just went through a breakup, she's all good. And I love that from her. 

You can't tell me Taylor Swift went to Via Carota, an extremely well-known restaurant in NYC with reservations that are harder to get than her concert tickets, and thought no one was going to notice.

This is the same Taylor who has avoided paparazzi using all of the following methods:

  • Massive hoodies
  • Walking backwards towards the camera
  • Security with multiple umbrellas
  • Her team holding up large blankets
  • Hiding in a huge suitcase

Just to name a few. This is Taylor's way of telling the fans despite her relationship of 6 years ending, she's doing okay. Happy you're taking this in stride, Taylor!

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