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DeMarcus Cousins Made Kevin Garnett Gasp With Shock And Left Him Bewildered With This 'Gangster' Coach Cal Story

This isn't a new story necessarily by DeMarcus Cousins. He's talked about it numerous times and how he wanted to come back to Kentucky and win a national title. But this isn't necessarily about Boogie, this is about Kevin Garnett's reaction. Do you know how awesome it must be to get Kevin Garnett to stop like that, act shocked and call this man gangster: 

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It's a hell of a line by Cal too. It's why every former player loves him. Marty can try (literally) to form words to say how John Wall didn't like Cal or anything else like that. But every former player talks about how much of a player's first coach he is. Cal also knew where Cousins came from. He came from an incredibly poor background. He had to leave. Maybe in the world of NIL these days he could have stayed, but you don't pass up those millions and a top-5 pick. 

I'm not a huge Garnett guy or anything (Tim Duncan >>>>) but getting a story told about you that stops him in his tracks is elite. There are few guys I'd take about Garnett to have that happen, especially in the sports world. 

Fucking Joe Mazzulla. Fitting that bastard is coaching the Celtics now. Still can't believe he scored 17 in the Elite Eight. What an asshole.