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Syracuse’s Cash Cow Is Being Put Out To Pasture


Adam Weitsman told syracuse.com on Tuesday that he will no longer provide name, image and likeness deals to SU athletes or bring celebrities to Syracuse University athletic events.

Weitsman cited Syracuse University chancellor Kent Syverud as the reason for stepping away. While he has never met Syverud, Weitsman got the impression the chancellor did not want him involved in supporting SU athletics.

“From what I understand, hearing it from sources at the university, he did not like the high-profile nature of the celebrities coming to games and the way I was going about NIL, discussing it with the media. He was not comfortable with that, but the only way I knew to go about doing NIL is to do it high-profile. We’re in Syracuse, New York. We have to bring attention to our area. Even though I didn’t go to Syracuse, I love Syracuse athletics and every single person that works there. But I’m not the boss. If the boss doesn’t want me there, I understand.

Earlier this year, Weitsman said he would pay more than $2 million in NIL deals to current and future Syracuse athletes. He predicted that his assistance would help the basketball team reach the national championship game within five years.

I’m no expert in NIL deals, we cover that in Chapter 7 of my How To Be A College Basketball Power Broker Book , right after taking selfies, and getting phone numbers, but even a casual basketball fan can tell you it’s never good when you lose a booster. This day and age you want to be adding boosters, not losing them, especially your biggest. 

For those unfamiliar , Weitsman was famous for taking celebrities with him to Syracuse events. Tom Brady , Carmelo Anthony and others have sat by him in the dome. 

I’m not sure how Weitsman made his money but in a game of NIL fish , he is a whale, and more importantly he was committed to getting Syracuse back to championship contention. That’s not somebody you want to disappear from your program. Especially in a time of change when you just lost the coach who has been there as long as the paint on the floor in Jim Boeheim. It also has been a while since Syracuse enjoyed real success, especially in March. They have had a few Sweet 16’s , and did get into the Final Four in 2016, but have had double digit losses nearly every year for a decade.The Orange also compete in the ACC and while it’s been down recently, still have Duke, UNC, Miami, Virginia , Pitt , and NC State in the league. You think these schools are going to sit quietly, say “Poor Syracuse” and feel bad as they leave them in the dust of an NIL age ? I sure don’t. 

Crazy situation up north and I’m interested to see if Syracuse can weather the storm of staying atop the league or still be considered a power program after losing such a big asset in a booster like Weitsman. 

For all Syracuse fans… you better hope Elijah Moore , currently finishing his junior year of High School, the 61st prospect according to Rivals , keeps his commitment because he’s one of the best shooters in the country.