Which Of My Coworkers Would I Want To Attend FyreFest II With

Talked about the revival of Fyre Fest, which if you aren't familiar was the biggest scam job on the planet. You know it's bad when two documentaries are released essentially on the same day talking about how shitty the event was. Price gouging for water, no real meal, no real place to stay, the entire thing was a shit show. Total scam job. If you haven't seen the documentaries go watch them. 

 On the rundown tonight we talked about the original Fyre Fest as well as the revival and it really made me think about a few things. The first of which, was there is no way the second chapter is going to be as bad as the first. It can't possibly be as bad as the first one, which literally led to criminal charges. There's no way this guy Billy McFarland can be that dumb to get fresh out the clink and try to run back the scam that got him there in the first place. He seems like a real wacko, but even he can't possibly be dumb enough to try and fool people again. Which makes me think of the second point . 

Is anyone who goes to this a complete lunatic knowing how shitty the 1st one was ? This is like signing up to see Gigli 2 and expecting an Oscar winner. At a certain point, you read the stories, you watched the doc, like you know the deal. You ain't getting sunshine and rainbows, in fact there's a very real possibility you are getting thunderstorms and venarial diseases. I mean did you see the documentary ? What kind of maniac would sign up to go on a cruise on the Titanic 2 ? Who wakes up and goes you know what I want to put my hard earned money down on ? One of the biggest scams on planet earth. But we know how the world works, this thing will sell, people will convince themselves how sick it will be to be on the actual Fyre Fest that delivers instead of the one everyone got ripped off on. 

So ... since we all know no matter how many warning signs there are, and how dumb it may be to trust that this will be worth it, people will go. I figured I would tackle the hypothetical of if I were to go to Fyre Fest who would be the crowd to roll with. 

Here's what I came up with. 

Joey and Pat 

Whether it's St.Patrick's Day or The Super Bowl. These two seem to be a dynamic duo of laughs. 


 They also give off big time positive vibes that even when things seem to get shitty at the festival, they can find a way to make friends, be resourceful enough to find lodging, or if shit really hits the fan pour you a strong enough drink to make you forget about it. 

Kelly Keegs 

I have hung out with Kelly in a social setting one time outside of work. She was a perfect hang at the bar. Very good vibes, and has been around the game long enough to know all the veteran moves, especially in a crowd. Who to avoid, to come back with drinks for not only herself but offer if you want one, and can make friends quickly. Exactly what you need in someone you will be partying with at Fyre Fest for 4-5 days with. 

Also … if shit goes down, she will switch into Lord Of The Flies survivor mode and go to war to protect our crew. I want that person in my entourage especially in a setting like this. 

Get em Keegs … 



Call this the pick for a crafty veteran, call this one that every team needs a captain, or call this one that I just think Large is a good hang… but this one is a no brainer. Between his years on the floor and going out with clients, his ability to make a phenomenal sandwich, his quick wit, his street smarts and his knack for a good cocktail. Large has to be in the mix when assembling a crew for a music festival which could turn into a fight for survival. He's savvy enough to have fun but also smart enough to warn you when it's time to see when the fun is about to end and make the shift into fighting to potentially stay alive. I would call Large the glue of the crew and a must have when traveling to an event like this. 

Lastly, … 


Did someone say a music festival and a chance to party for social clout ? 

I know just the guy … 

Let's Party Paul !!!!!!!