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Introducing Boom aka Uga XI ... Georgia's New Puppy Mascot Who Has To Replace The Winningest Dog Of All Time

[Source] - The ceremonial collaring of Boom will start with eight minutes on the pregame clock at approximately 3:50 p.m. and will take place on the 20-yard line, northeast corner of Sanford Stadium. Fans are encouraged to find their seats early to watch the ceremony. 

The new mascot will succeed Uga X, affectionately known as Que, who will retire as the winningest mascot in Georgia history.   
Que was two and half years old when he began his reign as Georgia's beloved mascot in 2015. He compiled an impressive 91-18 record, which included back-to-back College Football Playoff National Championships, two SEC titles and victories in the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Peach bowls.

I don't mean to put pressure on Boom here, but he's got all the pressure in the world. You can't just waltz in replacing the winningest bulldog in Georgia history and not feel that pressure. No matter how goddamn cute that bulldog puppy is. I know I should hate Georgia, but I mean, Kentucky isn't even close to them. Hard to hate Georgia. I'd just want to pet that puppy if I was on campus. Would stop everything I'm doing to go scratch those ears and see those wrinkles get all squishy. 

I'm not saying this is bad luck for Georgia, coming off back-to-back titles. But there's some form of bad juju here no? You're replacing a legend in Que aka Uga X. I'd want to keep the good times rolling but I'm also incredibly superstitious when it comes to sports. Good luck t-shirt? Absolutely. Gotta sit in the same seat after a big win? Without a doubt. If my teams had a mascot like this, I'd make sure Uga X didn't retire. 

PS: Boom is such a sweet name for a dog. I get Uga, don't get me wrong, but I'd rather be Boom.